Nutrition Accountability Program


$89 monthly recurring payment

This program is designed to guide you towards developing a balance between your lifestyle and your diet.  You see, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  You can have your cake and eat it too.  Macronutrient values are mindfully calculated on an ongoing basis depending on your progress photos and your responses to the weekly check-in form.

In this hands-on program, you will learn how to track your food to reach your goal while still maintaining your sanity. This program is designed to steer you in the direction of your unique goal, teaching you to develop awareness of how certain foods make you feel and showcasing how all foods can have a place in your diet.  Every week or if you so choose, every day you will plan out your meals for the following week or day using our easy meal planning grid accompanied by the My Fitness Pal app.  You will be well taken care of and guided by our Meal Planning grid and Nutrition handbook which will provide the foundation for your success in this program.


This is not a cookie cutter approach to your diet.  You will not receive a meal plan where you are told specifically what foods to eat to attain your goal.  This is not a program where you will eat whatever you want all the time.  **Not intended to treat specific illnesses associated with diet.  This program can be used alongside specific dietary limitations such as gluten free, dairy free etc. This program is not intended to diagnose or treat disease or illness.  All information given is to be considered recommendations and can and should be used in conjunction with your doctor prescribed plan.

Program Includes:

  • Personalized Macronutrient calculations
  • Weekly Check in form
  • Daily email support
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Mindset coaching accompanied by goal setting worksheet
  • Nutrition Handbook and Meal planning worksheet
  • 1 monthly 30-minute phone call or zoom call with Tina


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